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Next e-Summit announced!

15 May

Following our premiere on 30 April, the EAGE Student Fund is back with a
new Student e-Summit! On Thursday 28 May 16:00 hrs the second edition of
the e-Summit series will take.

‘Ready, set, GO! Best (and worst) Practices Kickstarting your Career’ will
bring together three Young Professional panelists working in research,
consulting and industry to talk about their approach to starting their
career, creating a relevant network and the tools they used to move from
studies to career.

For our second e-Summit, the following panelists will join us:
– Kristen Marberry, Collier Consulting, USA
– Larry Sandoval, Total, France
– Sebastian Uhlemann, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Upcoming e-Summits

We aim to bring a variety of e-Summits to the wider geoscience &
engineering student community in the months to come with future e-
Summit scheduled for June and over the summer holidays.

Registration and more information

Registration and updates for the e-Summit will be available through our
EAGE Student pages. We are looking forward to seeing you at the e-Summit!

First Digital Student Lecture tour this week

12 May 2020

With the support of the EAGE Latin America Team, we are proud to let you
know the first ever digital Student Lecture Tour takes place this week.

This week is rather different than a regular Student Lecture Tour. Usually,
Student Lecture Tours bring experts from the EAGE community to
universities around the globe. With campuses and universities closed and
travel restricted, this means the traditional Student Lecture Tour series
would not be viable.

With the support of our new student lecturer, Mr. Yucel Akkutlu, we were
able to turn this around by making his SLT the first ever online tour. This
week, students from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia will
have the opportunity to participate in the lecture: ‘Resource Assessment
and Envirnmental Considerations of Petroleum Recovery from Organic-rich
Source Rocks’.

This online format will be free & open to all students. We were pleased to
see high interests in the course, with many of the online sessions already
fully booked!

We want to thank Mr. Akkutlu for helping us to bring this SLT series online
in such a short amount of time and we hope we can repeat this with SLTs in
the near future.

Our e-Summit, summarized.

30 April, 2020

Earlier today, the first ever Student e-Summit took place! The initiative
builds on a central element of the EAGE Student Fund Mission: to connect
student communities globally. With in-person meetings being problematic,
e-Summits help to fill the gap!

Rather than merely receiving information, the summit aims to actively
engage students to shape the narrative around student engagement and
discuss relevant themes with other students and (young) professionals.
Students can indicate their interest to participate as panelists and, by doing
so, play an active role within dedicated e-Summits together with peers from
across the globe.

Today’s summit focussed on ‘Staying Connected in Times of Self-Isolation’.
With panelists coming from Malaysia, South Africa, France and Germany
this summit proved to be a solid start. Students play a key part in shaping
the future of these e-Summits as they have an active say in the direction of
future editions. For that reason, one can also expect scientific discussions,
skills acquisition and recruitment in the months to follow.

Make sure to stay in the loop on future editions of the e-Summit through the
dedicated webpage. If you are keen to contribute, do get in touch!

First Student e-Summit announced!

24 April

The EAGE Student Fund is coming to you through the internet! The very
first e-Summit will bring panelist from three different student chapters
together discuss Chapter engagement in times of Social Isolation.

This first e-Summit will take place on Thursday 30 April, 10:00 CEST. We will
have an international panel with chapter presidents from Malaysia,
Germany and South Africa.

In addition to this, the panel will be joined by representatives from the
EAGE Local Chapter Paris, who will share some first best practices with
their online events.

Participation is free for all, simply register through the dedicated website.
We hope to see you at the webinar!

Student Engagement in a Time of Corona

17 April, 2020

First and foremost, we hope all you are healthy and safe.

Usually, the mission of the EAGE Student Fund is to connect students in
person to bridge the gap between studies and early careers. These are not
usual times though. With personal meetings impossible, we’re working on
establishing activities for our target audiences to still connect with peers
and professionals online.

With the vast majority of us working in self-isolation from home or dorms,
we want to share some ways how to leverage your ESF involvement in
these difficult times.

Explore the full range of articles on EarthDoc

Since mid-March, students members will have full access to EAGE’s
EarthDoc archives. That’s a whole lot of reading to catch up to. Make
sure to have a browse and see which papers are useful for you studies
and dissertation.

Make sure to sign up for the EAGE weekly newsletter

A lot of our ESF activities will also be shared through EAGE’s weekly
newsletter. In addition, the association is also developing activities for its
wider community – activities which may also spark your interest. These
updates will also include links and information to other opportunities for
students and professionals.

Develop an e-conference with your student chapter

We’re all getting to grips with Discord, Zoom, Hangouts and Teams. So
why not use these tool to plan your next Student Chapter meeting? We
are curious to see how you are connecting with the members of your
student chapter online! If you ran a successful event, we are curious
to be hearing from you!

As we will not be able to meet you in person for the remainder of this
academic year, we will be bringing our services and meetings to you, the
students. You can expect various online lectures, summits and events in the
upcoming weeks. So, stay tuned!

COVID-19 Update

18 March, 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the EAGE Student Fund has paused
our activities relying on travel and in person events, until further notice.
We very much still intend to support our student community throughout
this period, and are looking into innovative ways of doing so, based on the
current situation.

Three reasons to establish your Student Chapter

12 March, 2020

EAGE student chapters are a cornerstone of the work the EAGE Student
Fund supports. Student chapters provide additional skills which are well-
needed in your future career! Here are three reasons why participating in a
student chapter may benefit you.

It stimulates cooperation

Not one company relies on one skillset, in your career you will be dealing
with geologists, geophysicists, engineers and non-science related experts
such as marketeers and communication specialists. Working together on
projects such as the Laurie Dake Challenge will allow you to build own
expertise, whilst also working together with people with other
specialisations – something key to a future career.

Learn from other student chapters

At the EAGE Student Fund website, we frequently post updates from the
work undertaken by other student chapters. Connecting to other student
chapters will allow you to not only learn about their best practises but also
allows you to get an understanding on what’s at play throughout the world.

At the EAGE Annual conference & exhibition, we bring together
representatives from a large variety of university chapters together to meet
in person and share best practices. During the conference, the ESF also
awards the ‘Best Student Chapter Award’, celebrating student chapter excellence!

Develop and engage in projects

Student chapters have the possibility to engage in specific activities, such as
the Student Lecture Tour programme and ESF support for grassroots up

No Student Chapter at your university yet?

Talk to your peers at the university to get the ball rolling. Learn how to get
started. Not able to get a group together yet? No worries, in that case you
may want to consider a Student Membership Grant.

EAGE members raise 3.5K for the ESF during renewal

Many EAGE members know the drill – come October, it is time to renew
one’s membership. Since Autumn 2018 it is possible to also donate to the
EAGE Student Fund as well at the Green Fund during the membership
renewal. With the 2020 renewal campaign coming to an end, we are keen to
inform you on the current results of this year’s campaign.

With many EAGE members still renewing, we are happy to report members
already raised over EUR 3.500,– for the EAGE Student Fund during the 2020
cycle. That’s a sixty percent increase from last year’s results! With support
coming from members across the globe, we are grateful to see these
donations coming in. Thank you!

How your donations are used

Your donations are used to help develop a series of projects to prepare
students for their future careers in geoscience and related engineering
disciplines. Student attendance at the EAGE Annual Conference &
Exhibition is one of these items but the fund support many more projects,
such as the EAGE Student Lecture Tours, Student Chapter activities and
student-led initiatives such as field trips and conferences.

The ESF supports activities around the globe, so chances are there are
activities in your community as well!

Supporting the Fund

Already renewed and keen to support our mission? The membership
renewal is one of several ways to help support the mission of the EAGE
Student Fund.

Learn more about how you can help, or donate online today.

Semi-Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge Announced!

20 February 2020

Laurie Dake Challenge semi-finalists are one step close to present their findings in the
82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam to an expert jury, after months of working
on a dataset, provided by Shell, of a discovered hydrocarbon resources. Universities
and industry are invited to attend the presentations and witness the competition between
the most excellent multi-disciplinary student teams on a global scale.

The 13 remaining teams are required to start working with the data they received and; 
pitch your development plans in a 3-minute video.

Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexico)
Curtin University (Australia)
Bahria University Karachi Campus (Pakistan)
Universitas Brawijaya (Indonesia)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (team 1) (Indonesia)
The University of Manchester (UK)
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)
University Technology PETRONAS ( team 1) (Malaysia)
University Technology PETRONAS ( team 2) (Malaysia)
University of Stavanger (Norway)
Institut Teknologi Bandung ( team 2) (Indonesia)
Ain Shams University (Egypt)

To select the best 6 teams that we will invite to the finals on Sunday 7 June in Amsterdam,
the judges have decided to organize an interim review.

The pitch interim review will result in the selection of the 6 finalist teams that will receive
travel grants and registrations to the 82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2020!

We wish all the teams still in the race the best of luck with the next step in the competition.

ESF@10 – Sathes Kumar on the ESF and student chapters

13 February, 2020

The 2017-2018 academic year was a great one for the Student Chapter at the
University Technology PETRONAS (UTP). The chapter participated in a wide
range of activities support by the EAGE Student Fund. This all came
together in June, when the UTP Student chapter was selected as the Best
Student Chapter of 2018!

For our final interview in the EAGE Student Fund @ 10 series, we interview
the president of the student chapter overseeing the activities in 2018 to look
back at the chapter’s involvement.

Hi! For those who have not met you before, could you please briefly
introduce yourself?

Salam Sejahtera! I am Sathes Kumar and I am from Malaysia. I am in my
final semester pursuing BSc in Petroleum Geoscience at University
Technology PETRONAS (UTP). Next to my studies, I’m the President of our
EAGE Student Chapter.

Meet Sathes, president of the SC University Technology Petronas, Malaysia

Could you tell a little bit about what made your chapter so successful?

The student chapter received plenty of support through the fund and
through EAGE’s worldwide network. The combination of ESF support for
both our chapter as well as empowering students to attend international
conferences was very beneficial to us. We used the opportunities offered to
organize workshops, training, and career outlook sessions. 

One project we are particularly proud of is the organisation of the the very
first edition of Asia Geoscience Student Conference and Exhibition (AGSCE)
in 2018 (, which was made possible with support from the
EAGE Student Fund. I was the project director for the conference, and the
event had up to 400 participants from 16 different universities all around
the Asian region participating. Students had the valuable opportunities to
directly learn and network with the industry as well as their peers from all
around Asia! 

Impressive numbers! When focussing on EAGE programmes, are there
any EAGE Student Fund activities which stand out to you?

This would definitely be my very first time attending the annual EAGE
conference. In my case, this was in Copenhagen in 2018. It was an eye-
opener for me, as a student to be able to participate in the student program,
technical sessions, and in the Geo-Quiz! The EAGE Annual conference is
truly a place which brings together students from different backgrounds
and nationalities, which was a great experience.

The UTP delegation in Copenhagen, Jun 2018
UTP @ the EAGE Annual 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Besides, the UTP student chapter was also awarded with the Best Student
Chapter Award for the very first time, which was a good wrap up for the
whole experience! Participating in the EAGE Annual Conference, have
made a significant effect in my journey as a student. This experience would
not have been possible without the support from ESF. 

Thank you for this input! To conclude, why do you think people or
organisations contribute to the EAGE Student Fund today?

The EAGE Student Fund has helped many students to expand their horizons
outside of university to connect with the industry. I experienced this first
hand by participating in the Student Lecture Tours, the Laurie Dake
Challenge and the exciting student program during the conferences! 

The support provided by the EAGE Student Fund allows us, the students, to
be industry-ready. This is exactly what the industry expects of fresh
graduates. Contributing to ESF is a small step to support the huge growth of 
the Future Geoscientists! 

EAGE SC UTP at the Student Evening, Denmark, Copenhagen
EAGE SC UTP at the Student Evening, Denmark, Copenhagen