Become an ESF ambassador this December

Become an ESF ambassador this December

23 November 2021

The EAGE Student Fund relies on donations from the geoscience
community to keep out activities going. This December, we’re therefore
actively looking for end of year donations to help us advance our mission!

In order to do so, we are looking for a number of ambassadors keen to
support our end of year giving drive.

Student Fund ambassadors

During our Month of Giving, ambassadors act the engine behind our
campaign by supporting in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • become a matching giver. This means the ambassador matches each
    donation up to a certain amount – a great incentive to get new donors
  • set fundraiser challenges. Help us reach certain fundraising
    landmarks by setting a challenge accompanied by an additional
    donation. Whether it is donations within a specific time frame,
    number of countries or total number of donations, all challenges are
  • spread the word within your organization. Whether you work for a
    large energy company or small university department, your
    contributions to inform people about our donation drive matter! If
    you’d be keen to help us reach a wider audience, we’ve got material
    for you to use.

Whether it is as a matched giver, fundraiser challenger or as a company
rep, if you care about the future of students we’d like to hear from you.
Get in touch on by Monday 29 Nov and become
one of our 2021 ambassadors

The Fund at EAGE 2021

27 September 2021

We’re pleased to see in-person student activities returning. The 2021 EAGE
Conference & Exhibition, on 18 – 21 October will see student activities both
in Amsterdam, as well as online. The hybrid nature of the event allows
support for the more traditional elements, and build on the new
innovations implemented in 2020 – many of these supported by the ESF!

Student Activities at EAGE 2021

In line with our goals to reach out to a global geoscience student audience,
we’re supporting both in-person as well as online activities. These include:

  • Hackathon (online & Amsterdam)
  • GeoQuiz (online & Amsterdam)
  • EAGE e-Summit (online)
  • Student Chapter meeting (online)
  • Local students get-together (Amsterdam)
  • Education Hunt (online & Amsterdam)

A full overview of the student activities is also available

EAGE Student FUND-raiser

It’s not just student activities for the ESF.

On Thursday, a special FUND-raiser is scheduled on 12:00 – 13:00 CEST.

The get-together will introduce the EAGE Student Fund and test delegates
on their knowledge of our mission in a fun way! In addition, we will be
raising funds to ensure the next generation of experts has access to our
activities and EAGE services. If you happen to be attending the EAGE
Annual Conference & Exhibition, don’t miss out.

21/22 Academic Year Programme and the ESF

14 September 2021

Many students are starting or returning to their studies this month. The
EAGE Student Fund will be supporting a range of activities to help them
gain access to learning resources, tap into the international community and
make the transition from university to career as smooth as possible.

A return to in-person meetings

This academic year we will likely see a gradual return of in-person
meetings. Other students will continue to connect online. As as result, the
Fund will support both in person activities as well as online meetings such
as our student webinar programme and e-Summits series.

Programmes organized at EAGE meetings will have a hybrid component –
including both onsite as well as online activities.

Multidisciplinary approach

Subsurface challenges require a multi-disciplinary approach. Only by
combining a solid understanding of geology, geophysics, engineering,
modelling and geochemistry (amongst others!) can key questions be

For that reason, activities supported will span a wide range of topics,
including deep dives into geoscience as well as soft skills and future career
development. Team challenges, such as the 2022 Laurie Dake Challenge, will
be a key opportunity for students to put these skills to the test.

We’re excited about the year ahead! If you’re interested in supporting us
please donate to our cause, or get involved. Thank you!

2021 Sclocchi Award celebrates Italian Excellence

29 July 2021

Last June the 28th Sclocchi Theses Awards Ceremony took place. The award
celebrates geoscientific excellence amongst Italian students, as
well as international students completing their research at an Italian
institution. The EAGE Student Fund is a proud supporter of the challenge.

The most recent edition proved to be a popular one with over 70
professionals and students submitting their work for review. Submissions
were made in two categories: Master & PhD level theses (three prizes) and
Bachelor & 2nd level Master level (one prize).

We are proud to announce the following winners:

MSc & PhD level

  • Roberto Scaccabarozzi (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Mattia Martinelli (Università di Milano)
  • Federico Parolin (Politecnico di Milano)

BSc & 2nd Level MSc level

  • Marco Ballarin, Università degli Studi di Padova

Congratulations to all winners! For a full overview, including those
receiving a special mention, make sure to be on the lookout for EAGE’s
August edition of First Break.

Best Student Chapter Announced

14 July 2021

Student chapters are key in the activities supported by the EAGE Student
Fund. Through our chapters, we support student development, develop
grassroots events and offer membership grants for individuals to tap into
EAGE resources.

Student chapters are encouraged to develop their own projects. To
encourage this, we award one student chapter each year to celebrate their
work and highlight their involvement. This year, the best Student Chapter
Award goes to IFP School France for that ongoing work in our student
challenges and organization of online meetings.

Job well done IFP School!

Laurie Dake Challenge 2021 nearing conclusion

12 July 2021

The 2021 Laurie Dake Challenge finalists are now known – from the original
group of participants only three teams are still in the running: University
Technology Petronas, IFP School France and the Indian Institute of
Technology are still in the running.

The Laurie Dake Challenge is a key activity supported by the EAGE Student
Fund. Throughout the competition, university teams work on a real
dataset for hydrocarbon field development – and all facets related to it. As
the challenge requires teamwork and a wide range of skills to excel, it is a
great way to prepare students for their careers.

The three finalists will have up to late July to wrap up their work, as the
final presentations are scheduled for 28 July. Only one team can be the
winner of the 2021 competition, so we wish all the teams the best of luck!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

2 July

Graduating this summer? Congratulations on getting your degree! With
geoscience at the centre of many of the world’s pressing challenges, we
hope to see your name pop up in future research breakthroughs.

For those starting a new degree after the summer, make sure to connect
with the EAGE Student Fund and the upcoming activities we are supporting
throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. It’s going to be packed with new
activities, including webinars, e-summits and team challenges.

Giving back to the community

The EAGE Student Fund helps the next generation of students interested in
geoscience and related engineering disciplines. Consider giving back to the
community by donating to the EAGE Student Fund today. Your contribution

Student webinars expand disciplines covered

14 June 2021

Over the years, the scope student community we’re working with has
broadened. As the interests and needs of students and organizations alike
change, our offering evolves as well. Student webinars allow us to easily
connect students and lecturers online, opening up a wealth of knowledge to
students around the globe.

Access to knowledge and expertise is key to advance the mission of the
EAGE Student Fund. For that reason, we are keen to announce the
development of new webinar activities.

The introduction of two new courses in June 2021 focus on disciplines not
previously covered through our webinar offering, bringing two near
surface geoscience topics – mineral exploration and hydrogeophysics – as
new material to students.

Prof. Deyan Draganov (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) is
our lecturer for our webinar ‘Seismic Application for Mining using Passive
Sources’. Dr. Damien Jougnot (Sorbonne University, France) will be
facilitating the ‘Monitoring water distribution and dynamics in the critical
zone, geophysicists have the potential’ delivery.

The new deliveries are part of a larger effort to further diversify the
offering of webinars in relevant disciplines on key topics including mineral
exploration, geology and energy transition.

Student Chapter geo quiz winners announced

21 May 2021

We are pleased to announce the winners of the recent Geo Quiz for Student
. This year, our top performing teams come from three
different countries: Brazil, Malaysia and Hungary.

Student Chapter winners

The Student Chapter Geo Quiz is a special delivery for chapter representatives, pitting the various chapters against each other. Each chapter had the opportunity to have up to three representatives participate. It was a tightly contested quiz this year, but we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia)
Federal University of Bahia (Brazil)
University of Miskolc (Hungary)

Winning student chapters receive support to participate in EAGE’s meetings and online education activities. Congratulations to all winning chapters!

New student webinars coming up in May

23 April 2021

Student webinars have proven to be a successful formula for students to
gain exposure to new insights from experts – even when working from

For that reason, the EAGE Student Fund helps to support the creation and
delivery of new student webinars, delivered throughout the year on a
variety of topics. Some of the instructors involved in this previously
supported us through the delivery of our EAGE Student Lecture Tours, other
are new additions to the curriculum.

In May, two webinars are scheduled. Registrations are open to all student
members and are free to attend.

For those students without an EAGE membership, there are still supported
membership grants for 2021 available.