Activities & Events

Update 18 March 2020: due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the EAGE Student Fund has paused any support for student activities and / or events.

As an international association, EAGE stimulates international cooperation, multi-disciplinary research and a healthy appetite for new skills and experiences. For that reason, the EAGE Student Fund supports student activities in line with these aims. Initiatives receiving support through the fund are:

  1. Engaging. Students are encouraged to participate in wider group activities;
  2. Educational and help participants to gain new knowledge or insights;
  3. Stimulating to develop new skills, and / or;
  4. Promoting international cooperation.

Support can be provided for EAGE student activities or grass roots up events. Ambitious (groups of) students that organize student geoscience conferences, workshops and/or field trips can apply for support. The EAGE Student Fund provides financial or in-kind support in order to help students develop their own activities.