Student Chapters

EAGE Student Chapters are a key way to encourage student engagement and continue growing as future professionals. Each chapter consists of a minimum of 10 students and one faculty advisor. Bachelor, Master and PhD students are welcome to join or establish a chapter as student members. The faculty advisor acts as a supporting contact person and ensures the sustainable character of the chapter throughout the years.

The EAGE Student Chapters provide a platform for geoscience and engineering students to meet, exchange ideas and initiate new activites.. Student Chapters operate under the EAGE flag and collaborate with EAGE’s Student Affairs Department in order to promote geosciences and engineering as well as the overall EAGE student activities within your university and beyond!

Student Chapters provide universities with an additional framework for scientific growth, networking and skills development:

  • Skills development: opportunity to receive ESF support for Student Chapter events (field trips, student conferences and workshops);
  • Competition between chapters: chapters have the option to participate in the online Geo-Quiz;
  • Develop international networking between chapters: Dedicated Student Chapter event at the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition;
  • Opportunity to invite student lecturers and learn from industry experts; and,
  • Each student chapter will be provided with up to 15 EAGE membership grants per year.

In principle, every group of geoscience students can apply to become a student chapter. The EAGE Student Fund is looking for a sustainable relationship with students and academic institutions. In order for student chapter engagement to be fruitful and make the best of the options offered by the Fund, the ESF encourages chapters to be involved for several years.

In order to learn more about the opportunities for your student chapter and to learn more how to establish a new chapter, please a look at the dedicated EAGE Student Chapter webpage.