Student Conference Programmes

EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition

The EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition is one of the leading geoscience events in Europe. At the event, student activities play an important role. The event provides a platform for students to:

  • meet peers from other universities and student chapters
  • network with companies and institutions
  • participate in the Career Development activities
  • present their work as part of the Technical Programme

At the conference, academic and organisational excellence and competition is further stimulated by:

  • the global EAGE Geo Quiz
  • the Laurie Dake Challenge finals
  • the Best Student Chapter award

Student programmes provide students with the right combination of education, career, and network opportunities. The EAGE Student Fund creates more possibilities to extend the student conference programmes.

Student Travel Grants

We believe these events benefit from a diverse and international student attendance. We want to provide students worldwide with the opportunity to participate in the events.

In order to facilitate this, the fund also dedicates limited funds to support travel and registration costs of students attending the conference.

ESF student travel grants