Fund Governance

Fund Governance

The EAGE Student Fund was founded in 2009 and is managed by the Student Fund Board. The board exists of four appointed board members.

Caroline Le Turdu (chairwoman)
Pascal Breton (treasurer)
Marcel van Loon (secretary)
Henk Tijhof (board member)

In addition to the Student Fund Board, the EAGE Student Fund Advisory Council advises the board of the EAGE Student Fund on the strategy and the activities it is conducting.

The current members of the advisory council are:

Mahmoud Abdulbaqi (chairman)
Gerd Kleemeyer (advisory council member)
Francois Umbhauer (advisory council member)
Petrine Skjervheim (advisory council member)
Andrew Mark Robinson (advisory council member)

Renumeration policy

Both the Student Fund Board and Advisory Council members serve on a voluntary basis. No renumeration is offered for their position.

Download the Fund’s governance.