Contribute to the Fund

Support the geoscientist of tomorrow, today.

Over the course of the years, the EAGE Student Fund has been providing support to bridge the gap between universities and the professional environment for students of geosciences and engineering.

The EAGE Student Fund aims to broaden students’ professionalism and create more working possibilities for those academia representatives who wish to pursue a career in geoscience, engineering or related disciplines.


There are several ways how you can contribute.

Make a donation online

Make a donation online. The EAGE Student Fund is an ANBI certified organization. Learn more on our donation page

Become a corporate donors

Our corporate donors are important to us and we thank them for their support to our cause over the years. Without them, the work we would be able to do would be much more limited. 

If you represent a company or organization interested in learning more about supporting the mission of the EAGE Student Fund, please let us know

Set up a legacy fund

We are honored to be included in your planned giving. If you are considering including the EAGE Student Fund in your trust or will, please contact us directly so we can advise you on the options and possible arrangements. 

Donate your instructor fee

If you are an EAGE short course instructor, it is also possible to donate your instructor fee to the EAGE Student Fund. Simply select the option when confirming your short course and we will sort out the rest!