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Getting involved in the ESF

The EAGE Student Fund operates worldwide to stimulate excellence amongst geoscience students.

But we cannot do so alone.

With the support from our community we are able to support a range of activities, including competitions, conferences and membership grants. Our goals is to help students gain new skills and develop their network in Earth Sciences.

Learn about the various EAGE Student Fund Activities.

Supporting the mission of the fund

Support our future geoscientists, today.

In order for the EAGE Student Fund to develop activities for the next generation of geoscientists, we build on donations, in-kind support and volunteering from companies as well as individuals. Through their support and time, thousands of students worldwide have been able to benefit of new skills, network and insights.

The options to get involved are manifold. Volunteer, make a one time donation, set up your personal legacy fund, or contribute to the Putcuyps-Mustafina Legacy Fund.

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The ESF and Student Engagement

Are you currently a student studying geosciences or related discipline?

Make sure you don’t miss out!

As a student, you may be able to benefit from the various activities developed by the EAGE Student Fund. Through student chapters, competitions and international cooperation we encourage students to grow and gain new skills.

Learn about out recent activities on the ESF Blog.

Get involved with in our student activities via the EAGE Student website.