Student membership and your research

Student membership and your research

24 March, 2022

Students currently working on their end of years research projects or dissertation
have a valuable tool available to them – EAGE Student Membership! You may know
EAGE from it’s conferences and workshops, but did you know student memberships
provide access to a wealth of peer-reviewed knowledge?

Your studies and membership support

EarthDoc is EAGE’s database of proceedings and journal publications, providing
members with tens of thousands of titles to cross reference, best practices and
scientific advancements.

As we know how important access to information is, EAGE students members have
full access to proceedings, as well as an EAGE journal of their choice. This is also
available for students enrolled in the membership grants programme – made possible
by the EAGE Student Fund.

You can learn more about how EAGE membership can work for you at

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