ESF Strategy

The EAGE Student Fund (ESF) was founded in 2009 to help students in the field of Earth Sciences to prepare them as well as possible for the challenges of the future. This idea is still key to the work of the ESF. As an organisation active worldwide, we want to help today’s students to be tomorrow’s experts.

To do so, the ESF focusses on three themes:

Connect to the community

Geoscientific challenges transcend national borders. Through our activities, the ESF stimulates international cooperation and interaction. Our support for student chapters and conference participation play a central role in providing students with an international network of peers and professionals.

Knowledge acquisition & sharing

Accessibility to scientific information is not evenly shared across the globe. Access to research, publications and visiting lecturers can be expensive or logistically challenging. The ESF contribute to the equal dissemination of knowledge through Student Lecture Tours, Student Membership Grants Programme and webinar access.

Bridging the Gap

In order to make the transition from student to professional life as easy as possible, the ESF supports activities designed to increase students’ employability and skill set and visibility by supporting student competitions such as the Laurie Dake and Geo Quiz.