EAGE Student Membership Grants

The European Student Fund offers a limited number of students not previously involved with the EAGE the opportunity to apply for an EAGE Student Membership Grant.

The Grant Programme provides students with a one (calendar) year membership. Recipients of the grant will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to EarthDoc: allowing students to tap into the knowledge database of EAGE for their own research and projects
  • Online journal subscription: choice between four journals (Basin Research, Geophysical Prospecting, Near Surface Geophysics or Petroleum Geoscience)
  • Student membership activities and special event rates
  • Online access to First Break, EAGE’s monthly journal

As the ESF would like to provide this option to a varied group and would like to have an active relationship with the Earth Science students, the student membership grant is limited to one year.

After this initial year, membership can be provided as part of a student chapter or for reduced student rates with EAGE itself.

Applying for membership grant

Ready to apply? You can start the process at the EAGE website.