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The EAGE Student Fund is a charity that funds activities that help bridge the gap between the university and professional environment for students of geoscience and engineering. In collaboration with a Student Affairs Committee, containing representatives from major companies and universities, EAGE is successfully building and promoting geoscience and engineering on a global scale in order to broaden the students’ minds and create worldly candidates for careers in the geoscientific industry.

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About our mission

Curious to learn about the goals of the EAGE Student Fund? Learn about our motivations and how to be get involved yourself.

Four reasons why the ESF supports geoscience students.

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Who supports the Student Fund?

The EAGE Student Fund is supported through donations of companies, EAGE members and individuals who care about the future of earth science and student development. Corporate Donors include:


Individual donators include Short Course instructors and EAGE members.

In particular, we want to extent gratitude to Jozef Putcuyps and Elena Musta­fina for establishing the Putcuyps-Mustafina Fund.

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