EAGE Student Fund @ 10

Thousands of students, hundreds of activities and dozens of events. The ESF has been able to reach students globally since the fund was established in February 2009. In 2020 alone, the ESF was able to reach students in over 50 countries.

In order to see how our community has been involved with the ESF, we are releasing a number of interviews throughout 2019. These interviews will focus on the various ways how people have been contributed to the fund and its mission – as a volunteer, a donor, or a student.

Paul Sava – Professor and C.H. Green Chair at Colorado School of Mines, USA
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Vladimir Shipilin – Geophysicist at Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Germany
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Elena Mustafina & Joe Putcuyps – Founders of the Putcuyps – Mustafina Fund, Belgium
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Ming Yi Wong – Senior Reservoir Geophysicist at Equinor, Norway
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Anna Donczew – MSc Student at Uppsala University, Sweden
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Ian Jones – Geophysical Advisor at ION Geophysical, United Kingdom
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Sathes Kumar – University Technology PETRONAS, Malaysia
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