Students, EAGE 2022 and the ESF

Students, EAGE 2022 and the ESF

10 March 2022

The EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in June is one of the highlights of the year. Not only
for professionals, but also students. After all, for many the EAGE annual meetings are a first
taste of what international conferences and exhibitions are like.

The EAGE Student Fund plays a key role in making this opportunity available to students.
The activities at the Annual, such as the EAGE GeoQuiz, student chapter meetings and Laurie
Dake Challenge
finals are all the product of our mission to help students bridge the gap between
their studies and the start of their careers.

Supporting the EAGE Student Fund

In order to make our work possible, we rely on donations from companies as well as the EAGE
community. Since the inception of our organization, we’ve been able to help thousands of
students from dozens of countries.

If you want to support the future of geoscience and engineering, please consider donating to the
EAGE Student Fund today. Individuals can do so directly. If you represent a company, please reach
out to us to learn more about our opportunities for corporate support of our mission.

Thank you very much for you interests and donations in advance.

Support our mission, donate today

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