Students Conference Uppsala

Students Conference Uppsala

9 February 2022

Student-led conferences are back! On 3 and 4 May, the EAGE Student Chapter in
Uppsala, Sweden is leading the organization of the YP and Student Meeting. Today’s
blog post is therefore dedicated to this upcoming meeting focussing on the energy
transition and career advancement.

Energy transition: A change driven by young professionals

We are living in the era of the energy transition and YPs are and will play a major role
in this challenging task. It is important to educate and direct research towards green
and sustainable energy, and raw materials as means of securing our energy supply and

YPs will be part of the technology transfer and exchange to achieve optimal methodology
and solutions to meet the energy needs in the following decade. We want to tackle topics
such as waste and energy management, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS),
geothermal and thermal energy, raw materials and all environmental aspects and issues
raised during the energy transition and future energy consumption.

Focusing mainly on the latest developments and cutting-edge solutions in northern Europe,
the event will be hosted by Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences during
3 and 4 May 2022. We invite students and YPs from the region and beyond to present their
ideas and works on energy transition topics in the format of a Rapid-Fire talk*. Requirement
for the participation is a short abstract (max. 300 words) including title, authors and
affiliations and key words.

Welcome to Uppsala!

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