About the Fund

The EAGE Student Fund (ESF) is a charity that funds activities that help bridge the gap between the university and professional environment for students of geoscience and engineering. The ESF was founded as an charitable organisation coming out of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE). The Fund’s vision is to support and improve the future of geoscience and create the foundation of a student’s future career in terms of knowledge, skills, and networks.

We have this vision, because we believe expertise in earth sciences and related engineering disciplines play a central role in the world around us. Whether it is access to energy and resources, geohazards or climate resiliency, geoscientists and engineers play a key role.  The ESF was founded to help students, in addition to their academic studies, gain the skills needed to become these experts. Through the ESF support, students get exposure at international conferences, engage with students and experts globally through students chapter events and can compete with each other multi-disciplinary challenges.

In order to make sure students gain the skills needed, the EAGE Student Fund board and the advisory committee, containing representatives from major energy companies and universities, work together with the EAGE Student Affairs Committee.  This cooperation aims to broaden the students’ minds, allows the ESF to stay informed on new developments and create skilled candidates for careers in the worldwide geoscience community.

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