2022 Student Chapter activites

2022 Student Chapter activites

1 February

A cornerstone of the activities the EAGE Student Fund supports are related to
EAGE Student Chapters. Student Chapters can be established by students
themselves and are affiliated to the university they are enrolled at. Doing so comes
with a range of interesting benefits, only available for student chapters.

Student chapter activities in 2022

Student Chapters will have the opportunity to connect with EAGE – and each other –
through our Student e-Summits. The e-Summits will be organized four times per year
and will provide a platform for student chapter interaction.

Student Chapters renewing before 1 March have the opportunity to join our
Online Geoquiz, available only to student chapter teams.

We also provide support for grass root up student activities undertaken by our student
chapters. This could be financial support for your meeting, or visibility.

Finally, student chapters will have up to 15 membership to allocate annually to those
member of their chapter – a great way to secure your EAGE renewal!

How to apply

You should check whether your university has a student chapter first. An overview is
of this is available here. If your university doesn’t have an (active) chapter, you can
establish one today

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