Field trip and student visits support

Initiative and cooperation are important skills to develop. For that reason, student-led activities which tie in with our mission can receive support from the ESF.

Every year, the fund supports a number of projects aimed to provide students with new skills and experiences.

  • Measurable impact: modest financial support should make a clear difference to the success or scope of the event;
  • Clear start and end-date;
  • An established relationship with the ESF – for instance through a student chapter – is a strong plus;
  • The event needs to have a clear link to the promotion of earth sciences or;
  • Help geoscience students to develop new relevant skills

The ESF does not fund individual student participation to excursions or initiatives not related to directly related to (the study of) earth sciences.

Examples of support for student activities include TU Bergakademie Freiberg’s field trip in November 2018 and the 8th International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC) in June 2019.