Online Geo-Quiz Fundraiser

The EAGE Student Fund builds on the incredible support of our donors to help who help us put make our mission a reality. Over the years, many companies, members and lecturers have supported our work. Thank you all!

This year, our mission is increasingly challenging. Because of this, we are developing new initiatives, such as the online lecture tours and e-Summits to fill this void created by the global health emergency and provide our students with the best opportunities despite the current situation.

A small contribution from you will help us organize more activities support the next generation of geoscientists and engineers!

Get involved

Interested in getting involved? You can join the EAGE fundraising drive and participate in our geo quiz!

About the Geo-Quiz

On Friday 28 August we are organising our first ever online fundraiser. We are going to rely on a format many may already be familiar with: our EAGE Geo-Quiz!

The Geo-Quiz programme is one of the engaging ways we bring together students. Through a series fast-paced questions, teams compete against each other to show off their geoscience skills and have a chance to win prizes.

The Geo-Quiz at the Annual EAGE Conference & Exhibition

Usually, it is our students competing. However, this time it will be the wider geoscience community who is put to the test!

Participation in the online Geo-Quiz will be free of charge. However, we are grateful if you could donate to the EAGE Student Fund and support our activities.

How to support the EAGE Student Fund

As a company:

Donate a question

Companies can donate a question. Following a corporate donation, we will include this question in our Geo-Quiz. It could be about your company, your mission or a general question, the choice is yours!

If you would be interested in supporting this fundraiser initiative, please get in touch.

As an individual

If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so by donating directly the EAGE Student Fund.

Alternatively, you make a donation using the following bank account details:

Stichting EAGE Student Fund
IBAN: NL85 TRIO 0198 5414 06

Thank you very much for your support!