ESF @ 10 – meet Anna!

ESF @ 10 – meet Anna!

26 September 2019

As part of the 10 year anniversary of the EAGE Student fund, we share a
different story every month. For September, we interviewed Anna
Donczew, MSc student at the University of Uppsala on how what the
Student Fund has helped her in her studies and activities.

Hi Anna, thanks for joining us! Can you introduce yourself?

Cześć! My name is Anna Donczew and I come from Poland. I hold BSc in
Geophysics from AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków,
Poland and recently I have graduated from the joint international MSc in
Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINReM) at
Uppsala University, Sweden. I am passionate about science communication
and providing geoscience students with the opportunities to build their
leadership skills, network with peers and industry leaders, so they could
make a difference in the community.

My first involvement was as a result of a student conference I helped to
organize. I was a Project Leader of the 8th International Geosciences
Student Conference (IGSC 2019), that took place in Uppsala, Sweden from
16-20 June 2019. Since its very first edition, IGSC was always working
closely with EAGE and the EAGE Student community so it was a great
pleasure to continue the legacy and have EAGE student fund supporting this
student initiative. Thanks to the ESF we could improve student participants’
experience during the event and make IGSC fun & memorable!

As a recent graduate, what is the most valuable aspect of the EAGE Student Fund?

I just graduated, so this is still fresh in my mind so I actually understand
student’s perspective very well!

I strongly believe that investing in the education of future professionals is
the best contribution to the community, as it is the investment in the future
problem-solvers and action takers. Providing students with equal
opportunities to attend scientific events, help them to experience science
outside the classroom and gives more exposure to industry and state-of-the-
art research.

Investment in the youth and the generations of future geoscientists and
engineers is the most valuable aspects of the EAGE Student Fund, as by
providing financial help it allows the students to broaden their horizons
and not only give the possibility to meet industry leaders but also helps
them transition to a natural young professional at their early career stage.

Anna presenting at IGSC

Which EAGE Student Fund activity do you have the best memories of?

Definitely taking part in the EAGE Geo-quiz during our conference in
Uppsala! This was so much fun and excitement! We signed up with my
friend just to have a good time and challenge ourselves as fresh

The battle during the last rounds was quite heated and tight but we
managed to stay cool and… won the quiz! As a reward, we received the
EAGE Travel Grant that allowed us to take part in the EAGE Near Surface
Geoscience in the Hague this month. It was a great opportunity for us to
take an active part in the EAGE event, enabling easier access to industry
professionals, technical sessions and joining networking activities.

Great to hear your positive experiences at Near Surface Geoscience
2019! To conclude, why do you think people or organizations should
contribute to the EAGE Student Fund today?

Supporting ESF is great way of encouraging and activating students around
the globe. By contributing to the ESF you really impact students from the
whole world, and I find it amazing. Thanks to the Fund highly motivated
students from different countries can come together, inspire and learn from
each other during the conferences and activities organized by EAGE.

Being part of this global community is made possible thanks to the ESF
contribution. Big thanks for everyone who supported ESF! Thanks for
welcoming us, students into the geoscience community!

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