Student Engagement in a Time of Corona

Student Engagement in a Time of Corona

17 April, 2020

First and foremost, we hope all you are healthy and safe.

Usually, the mission of the EAGE Student Fund is to connect students in
person to bridge the gap between studies and early careers. These are not
usual times though. With personal meetings impossible, we’re working on
establishing activities for our target audiences to still connect with peers
and professionals online.

With the vast majority of us working in self-isolation from home or dorms,
we want to share some ways how to leverage your ESF involvement in
these difficult times.

Explore the full range of articles on EarthDoc

Since mid-March, students members will have full access to EAGE’s
EarthDoc archives. That’s a whole lot of reading to catch up to. Make
sure to have a browse and see which papers are useful for you studies
and dissertation.

Make sure to sign up for the EAGE weekly newsletter

A lot of our ESF activities will also be shared through EAGE’s weekly
newsletter. In addition, the association is also developing activities for its
wider community – activities which may also spark your interest. These
updates will also include links and information to other opportunities for
students and professionals.

Develop an e-conference with your student chapter

We’re all getting to grips with Discord, Zoom, Hangouts and Teams. So
why not use these tool to plan your next Student Chapter meeting? We
are curious to see how you are connecting with the members of your
student chapter online! If you ran a successful event, we are curious
to be hearing from you!

As we will not be able to meet you in person for the remainder of this
academic year, we will be bringing our services and meetings to you, the
students. You can expect various online lectures, summits and events in the
upcoming weeks. So, stay tuned!

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