Student Lecture Tours

ESF believes all students should have access to specialised geoscience education by international experts. The fund therefore supports the organisation of Student Lecture Tours (SLTs). Through these tours, an industry or academic expert lectures at a number of universities within the same region within a specific period.

In order to make SLTs possible, ESF support collaboration between lecturers, universities and EAGE student chapters worldwide to provide students with half-day lectures on interesting geoscience-related topics. Recent tours included:

  • ‘Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation: A Geological Expression Story’ by Dr. Gaynor S. Paton;
  • ‘Integrated Geophysical Models: Theory, examples and Implications on Creativity by Paulo Dell’Aversana, and;
  • Probabilistic Seismic Inversion by Dr. Patrick Connolly

In 2018, our tours included universities in the UK, Malaysia and Indonesia. For 2019, Student Lecture Tours are taking place in Europe and Latin America.

For a full list of the SLT’s, please check the dedicated pages of the EAGE student website.

Volunteer as Student Lecture Tour instructor

Are you interested in supporting the EAGE Student Fund as an instructor of our Student Lecture Tour programme? We are keen to be hearing from you! Please send us an email, including the following:

  • Professional background
  • Your proposed topic for a lecture
  • Region / country you would be willing to teach