Our favourite 5 projects of 2019

Our favourite 5 projects of 2019

24 December, 2019

Happy holidays!

2019 is coming to an end. The EAGE Student Fund looks back at a wide
variety of projects which came through fruition with support from the
Fund. With this final post of the year, we look back at our favourite
highlights of the last year.

Student Chapter engagement

Our student chapters are at the centre of our work, and we are proud to see
what the many chapters have accomplished. Over the years, the number of
student chapters has not only grown – we also see stronger engagement
with the student chapters already established. Some examples of this are
field trips, the Geophysics Week organized by UFBA and company visit,
organized by the Bergakademie Freiberg.

At the end of 2019 we see student chapter engagement across the globe with
many of the chapters organising their own activities and projects. The EAGE
Student Fund is proud to be able to facilitate this cooperation.

In addition to the strong presence of previously existing student chapters,
we’ve seen the creation of some very promising new groups, such as the
one at Curtin University in Australia and RWTH Aachen in Germany.

This year was an AGH Cracow year

Speaking of Student Chapters… next time you’re in Cracow, know you are
close to some bright minds in geoscience!

This year the AGH Cracow EAGE Student Chapter excelled in their activities.
Not only we they declared the best Student Chapter of the year in
recognition of their work and activities, but one of their teams also won the
global Geo Quiz at the EAGE Annual in London. Well done AGH Cracow!

Student Lecture Tours

With the Fund, we have been able to bring students from a large variety of
countries new insights through our Student Lectures. With courses in the
Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Russia we provided
hundreds of students with new knowledge.

For some of the deliveries it had been a long time since the last delivery of a
student lecture tour. For instance, we were happy to bring the project back
to Russia for the first time in 8 years.

The Laurie Dake Challenge

The Laurie Dake Challenge is always a great project to report on and one of
the flagship events the EAGE Student Fund supports. Starting in October
each year, the challenge brings together student teams from around the
globe – accumulating in an exciting final round during the EAGE
Annual Conference and Exhibition.

This year, the six exceptional teams making it to the final came from four
different continents, showing diversity and academic excellence in
geoscience can be found around the globe. At the end of the day, it was the
team from IFP School from Paris, France, which won this year’s

Initial interest in the 2020 round of the challenge has been high, with over
45 student teams signing up for the competition!

IGSC 2019 and the Geo Quiz

In June, the ESF helped to make the 8th International Geoscience Students
Conference (IGSC) happen in Uppsala, Sweden! We were happy to partner
with the local organising students in helping them bring the conference
possible. The students from the university were able to deliver a strong
conference with an international and engaged student audience.

In addition to this, the ESF brought the EAGE Geo Quiz to Sweden for the
very first time, giving team of students a chance to attend the EAGE Near
Surface Conference in the Hague, the Netherlands.

With the next IGSC taking place in Aachen in July 2020, we’re looking
forward to see how the student event continues to develop.

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