UFBA reports back on Geophysics Week

UFBA reports back on Geophysics Week

6 Dec, 2019

The EAGE Federal University of Bahia Student chapter recently organized
the tenth Geophysics’ Week at their university, bringing together students,
professionals and academics. During the event in Brazil, participants to the
meeting had a chance to share their latest findings. With the support of the
EAGE Student Fund, the student chapter representatives delivered an
engaging event with wide attendance.

The student-led Week of Geophysics welcomed 19 lecturers related to
geosciences. These lectures were complimented with short courses and
breakout sessions, attracting a variety of talks on education and career
development in the region.

In addition to deliveries by speakers, the week also featured the round table
with the theme “The Necessary Evolution of the UFBA Geophysics Course
Curriculum”, which is a double question and answer game with themes
related to geophysics and geology and the future of geoscience research.

Looking back at the meeting, the students look back at a great experience.
The event surpassed the expectation of 60 participants and obtained a total
of 82 participants, which, together with the high participation rate in the
short courses corroborated to give the group the feeling of accomplishment.

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