September & October student e-Summits topics selected

September & October student e-Summits topics selected

17 Augustus 2020

It’s almost September, time to get back to (online) classes. As you may have
noticed, the EAGE Student e-Summits have not taken a break this Summer –
we are keeping up our monthly deliveries.

Following our most recent delivery on Digitalization and career
development, we’re ready to announce our first Autumn e-Summits. In
September and October two new e-Summits for the upcoming months. In
September, our focus will be on mineral exploration and student career
development. October will see a return to energy transition, with a focus on
Latin America.

September e-Summit on Mineral Exploration

On Friday 11 September we are gathering a panel with speakers from
Africa and Europe to discuss careers in mineral exploration. What kind of
skills does one need to be successful here? What does the research scene
look like? How does the ongoing demand for rare earth minerals play into
this? Join our panellists on 11 September to see what our panellists deal
with this topic!

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Do you GE(E)T It – Latin America edition in October

In June, we organized our first e-Summit on geoscience & engineering in
the energy transition
, focussing on the APAC and European markets.
Following a fruitful and constructive summit, we’re now bringing the topic
to the Americas – a region with incredibly potential as well as some well-
established communities working on the advancement of renewable
energy. We will bring together speakers from Brazil, Colombia and Costa
Rica to assess how students can create a career for themselves and
contribute to energy transition in the region.

Call for proposals future e-Summits

After October, the floor can be all yours for our next e-Summits. Do you
have a topic which you would like to explore? Get in touch with us today!

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