July e-Summits to focus on Energy Transition

July e-Summits to focus on Energy Transition

26 June, 2020

July will bring not one, but two editions of our Student e-Summit deliveries.
These e-Summits: ‘Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience, Engineering and the
Energy Transition’ will allow participants how they can use their skillsets to
contribute to the energy transition.

The e-Summits will take place on to On Monday 6 July (focus: Asia Pacific,
Middle East, Africa and Europe) and Monday 13 July (focus: Americas)
students can connect with up our panellists.

If you want to learn more about your career opportunities in Energy
Transition and what other students are doing to prepare for this, make sure
to register for one of our deliveries through the EAGE Student webpage.

The summits are open to all to attend.

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