Make our mission part of your new year’s resolutions

Make our mission part of your new year’s resolutions

2 January 2020,

Happy new year!

This year will be a year full of activities for our students to help them
bridge the gap between their studies and career. Similar to previous years,
The EAGE Student Fund will play a central role in facilitating student
engagement. Here’s a couple of ways on how the ESF can help you with
your new year’s resolutions.

Attend an international conference

There are several ways for you to attend one of EAGE’s conferences with
the support of the EAGE Student Fund. Winners of our EAGE Geo-Quiz will
have an opportunity to participate in our Annual Conference & Exhibition
and Near Surface Conference. Teams participating in the final round of the
Laurie Dake Challenge will also have the opportunity to present work at the
EAGE Annual Conference in June.

Last but not least, there’s support for students keen to attend the EAGE 2020
conference as a presenter.


Volunteering is a great way to start the new year. Not only do you help the
community around you with your service, it also allows you to meet new
people and learn about yourself, and gain new skills.

Through the EAGE Student Fund, there are several ways how you can
volunteer. Are you currently a student? Help to start of develop your
student chapter this year! Already part of the workforce? In that case, you
may want to look into becoming an EAGE student lecture tour instructor.

Gain a new skill

Is strengthening or acquiring new skills one of your new years resolutions?
The ESF may be able to help to develop teamwork, international awareness,
leadership and public speaking skills through student chapter activities,
conference attendance and our challenges.

Support a (new) charity

Last but not least, January is a great time to think about which charities to
support. Ever considered giving back to the EAGE Student Community? In
that case, you may want to consider the ESF for your annual giving. You can
make a donation online, or contact us to discuss your donation.

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