Five reasons to support the EAGE Student Fund

Five reasons to support the EAGE Student Fund

28 November, 2019

Did you know the EAGE Student Fund relies on the support of the EAGE community, individual donators and corporate support to make our student support possible? You can support our mission today as well! Here are five reasons why you should consider supporting the EAGE Student Fund.

#1 – help to empower students worldwide

The EAGE Student Fund is active globally. In principle, every geoscience or
engineering student has the opportunity to participate in the activities
financed through the ESF. With the ESF operating from the Netherlands we
are traditionally strong in Europe but since the inception of the fund have
expanded to a large variety of universities, countries, and students.

The EAGE student fund is has supported students from over 65 different
countries in 2019.

#2 – support skills development

The EAGE Student Fund tries to complement academic studies with training
and experiences needed to make the successful transition from students’
academic career to a paid position. Through our grants programmes,
challenges and competitions, we stimulate students to work together in
multidisciplinary teams and provide them with an international platform.

Learn about our Laurie Dake Challenge, Geo Quiz and membership grants.

#3 – student lecture programmes

Through our student lecture programme we bring specialised knowledge to
a series of universities. Student Lecture Tours take place around the year,
with student representatives for EAGE Student Chapters working togehter
to facilitate the lecture at their universities.

In 2020, we are supporting student lectures in the Asia Pacific, Europe,
Latin America and Middle East regions.

#4 – encourage student initiatives

We believe students are the key to their own success. For that reason, in
addition to opening doors and opportunities for students through the Fund
we also actively stimulate grassroots up activities. Student initiatives like
student chapter field trips, student conferences and company visits are
therefore supported through the EAGE.

In the last year, initiatives included the organisation of IGSC’7 in Uppsala
Sweden, company visits in Italy and field work in Austria

#5 – connect students to the global community

Through our travel grants, networking and student chapter competition we
bring students from around the world together at key meetings, allowing
them to present and provide feedback on their research. In addition to
meeting internationals peers, the activities at the conferences also provide
students the opportunity to connect to (young) professionals to prepare
them for the job market.

In 2020, the ESF will be facilitating students to participate in key EAGE
conferences in St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and Belgrade.

Support the EAGE Student Fund

As Benjamin Franklin allegedly put it: ”an investment in education
pays the best interest”. After all, supporting earth science students today
enables the geoscience leaders of tomorrow. For that reason, please
consider including the EAGE Student Fund in your end of year giving this

Donate now.

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