Ebonyi State University SC appoints first female president

Ebonyi State University SC appoints first female president

22 August 2019

The history of the Student Chapter at Ebonyi State University goes back to early 2017. After
the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist conference in 2016 students from the university
decided to band together and for a student chapter at their university – a first in West-Africa.

Since its inception, the chapter shows how diverse backgrounds in geosciences can be
combined in a single strong chapter.

The students behind the EAGE EBSU chapter are clearly passionate about geosciences. The
vision of the SC is to create an enabling platform for leadership, technical and professional
growth of its members through service, dedication and research. The SC also provides
opportunities for students to enhance their technical and professional skills.

Looking at their activities, the student chapter does not only talk the talk but definitely
also walks the walk. Webinars play an important role in knowledge acquisition. More
practical experience was gained with a field visit to the Anambra Basin – one of the seven
major basins in Nigeria. Building on their knowledge and experience, the chapter worked
together with Home Waters Geoscience Consult on the organisation a booth camp. This featured a
training on electrical data acquisition for ground water exploration. To further promote
their work, members of the chapter have continuously participated in regional conferences
with associations such as NAPE, AAPG and SPE.

The inclusive character of the SC creates a platform for all to develop both professionally and
academically irrespective of gender, race or ideology. The SC recently concluded its election
process which gave way for a new board of executive according to the EAGE Student Chapter
Guideline. Nwali Immaculate Uchechi was chosen as the first female president of the SC. A
welcome development!

An strong position for women in STEM research, including geoscience, is crucial in securing a solid
base for the future of energy. Within EAGE, this is spearheaded by the EAGE Women in Geoscience
Community. Since the establisment of the community in 2013, this has proven to be an engine of
innovation. Not only does the community organise events on thought-provoking topics, but
their mentoring programme has helped many student and recent graduate with their career

We congratulate Nwali on her appointment as chairperson of the student chapter and we look
forward to working with the SC in the year to come. Keen to learn more about the chapter?
You can the SC on Facebook @NAPE EAGE EBSU SC or send a mail via eage.ebsusc@gmail.com.
They are open for collaborations and partnerships on future activities.

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