Graduating this summer? Let us know!

Graduating this summer? Let us know!

18 July 2019

Are you graduating this summer?

Congratulations on getting your degree!

It is great to see you have made it to the end of your studies. We hope you have been able to use
the opportunities through the EAGE Student Fund to your best advantage. Maybe you
presented your first research at an international meeting with the support of the EAGE
Student Fund, or learned new skills through a visiting student lecture tour.

If the next step would be a Master’s degree of PhD position, the ESF is there for you. Make sure
to read up on the options available in your new position or at your new university
– get involved in the student chapter and participate in the Laurie Dake Challenge.

Is your next step starting a new job or traineeship? Great! Do let us know how your
involvement with the EAGE Student Fund and our activities helped you to get ready
for your entry into the job market.
You can do so by dropping us a line or two at

Also, why not consider making a donation to the ESF? We need to keep up our work in
providing support to the next group of students. Many thanks in advance!

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