First Near Surface Geo-Quiz in Sweden

First Near Surface Geo-Quiz in Sweden

3 July, 2019

June is traditionally an exciting month for students. In addition to exams,
and research deadlines, there’s conference to attend as well! The EAGE
Student Fund supports a range of these. Earlier, we reported on
participation of our student community with ESF’s activities at the EAGE
London 2019 conference & exhibition, but this was not the only meeting in
which the EAGE Student Fund played an active role.

After the United Kingdom, the next stop was Sweden where the EAGE
Student Fund contributed to the organisation of the 8th International
Geosciences Student Conference
, 16-20 June in Uppsala, Sweden.

Student chapter and event support

The student-led conference was organized by the student chapter at
Uppsala University. Because of the ambitious scope of the meeting, the
learning opportunities for the students involved and the well-established
relationship between the student chapter and the fund, the EAGE Student
Fund to support the conference. The result combined a successful and
engaging student meeting with the organisation of the first ever Near
Surface focussed Geo-Quiz!

As the EAGE Student Fund aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and
interaction with all students interested in geoscience. It is for this reason we
were pleased to place a near surface geoscience emphasis on our Geo-Quiz.

We want to thank all participants for their participation in this first ever
Near Surface related Geo-Quiz challenge, and also want to congratulate our
student chapter at Uppsala University for their role in organizing the
student geoscience conference.

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