Student excellence – our London highlights

Student excellence – our London highlights

20 June, 2019

Compared to previous editions of the student activities, some changes were
introduced to help students connect to the wider geoscience community.
The integration of the Student Technical Programme into the regular
programme allowed students to present their work on a wide platform,
encouraging questions from professionals and other students alike.

At the conference, we welcomed student delegates from 125+ institutions to
the conference and to participate in the ESF supported activities. Not only
promoted this international cooperation, but also showed student
excellence comes from all the corners of the globe. This is also reflected in
the winners of our student competitions with top performing teams coming
from Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.


The global Geo-Quiz took place on Wednesday 5 June, with all of the slots
filled well in advance. In teams of three, students answered questions from
quiz masters Mahmoud Abdulbaqi and Iain Stewart to determine the fastest
and most knowledgable. When the dust settled, the team from AGH Cracow
came in first place. The teams from the Freie Universität Berlin and
University of Leeds came in at second and third place respectively.

Laurie Dake Challenge

Before the start of the conference, some students already a big challenge on
their hands. Following earlier rounds, the final presentation of the 2019
Laurie Dake Challenge took place on Monday 3 June. Using a dataset
supported by BP, the final candidates had a chance to present their work
before the dedicated jury.

Submissions this year were strong, but after careful consideration of the
work, research and presentations provided IFP School claimed first place!
The team representing the University of Stavanger came in second place.
Finally the shared third place was between Instituto Mexicano del
Petroleo and Dalhousie University

Best student chapter awards engagement

At the ESF, we value sustained engagement with our students. After all,
gaining relevant skills to become the geoscience expert of tomorrow is not
something done in a day or single conference. Student Chapter activities
and engagement play an important role to fill this gap. Over the years, we
have seen the creation and development of many exciting EAGE Student

Strong engagement deserves to be recognised. For this reason we created
the Best Student Chapter Award. This year, we were proud to present this
award to the AGH Cracow Student Chapter for their ongoing work. We also
want to congratulate the Universidad Industrial de Santander and the
Universiti Teknologi Petronas for securing second and third place

Thank you for your commitment to the ESF and we hope to see
your chapters active in the years to come!

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