How you can support the ESF at London 2019

How you can support the ESF at London 2019

30 May 2019

Welcome to London! The 81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition is about to
start. This year, we will be able to welcome hundreds of aspiring
geoscientists and engineers to the conference to participate in a range of
ESF supported activities taking place.

The activities are not only meant to inspire students, but also the wider
community. If you are interested in supporting the student fund during
your conference in London, you can do so in a number of ways.

Donate your voucher

When registering for the conference, delegates have a chance to pick either
a public transportation card or a discount & donation voucher. When
opting for the voucher, you will have the option to donate this at the EAGE
Community hub. All you need to do is visit the EAGE Community Hub and
donate your voucher in the appropriate box, and we will make the donation
for you. Thank you for your support!

Learn how your company can become a supporter

Corporate support for the EAGE Student Fund is one of our main pillars and
through their donation we are able to make a large difference to the scale
and scope of our student activities worldwide.

If you would be keen to learn more about becoming a corporate support of

the ESF, please stop by at the EAGE Community Hub or contact us via email.
We are looking forward to be hearing from you!

Volunteer as a student lecturer

A Student Lecture Tour is a series of lectures taking place at EAGE student
chapters by an instructor on a dedicated topic. Tours usually focus on a
series of universities in the same country or region. The tour is therefore a
cooperation between universities, student chapters, instructors and the ESF.

Volunteering as a student lecturer is therefore an exciting opportunity to
visit universities and pass on your expertise to a new generation of engaged
students worldwide.

Recent student lecturers:

  • Have a proven track record in academia and / or industry;
  • Possess a clear geoscientific expertise; and,
  • Have previous experience in teaching or lecturing.

If you would be interested in becoming a student lecturer, we would be
keen hearing from you at the Community Hub!

Become a student chapter advisor

Many student chapters grew out of groups of active students or people
working in academia attending the EAGE Conference & Exhibition. Each
student chapter has a faculty advisor, who supports the students in
their student chapter activities, advises them on upcoming meetings and
provides continuity throughout the years. Student Chapter faculty advisors
are key to securing the long-term involvement of student chapters.

If you are:

  • working at a university as post-doc or beyond;
  • EAGE member; and,
  • interested to support a student chapter;

Make sure you speak to our ESF representatives at the show and learn
about the ESF support for student chapters.

Open declaration to volunteer

If you would like to become involved with the EAGE Student Fund but do
not fit with the profiles were are currently looking for we also encourage
open declarations of interest to volunteer.

Based on your interests and expertise, we will try to fit your request within
the wider ESF mission.

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