Laurie Dake Challenge 2021 nearing conclusion

Laurie Dake Challenge 2021 nearing conclusion

12 July 2021

The 2021 Laurie Dake Challenge finalists are now known – from the original
group of participants only three teams are still in the running: University
Technology Petronas, IFP School France and the Indian Institute of
Technology are still in the running.

The Laurie Dake Challenge is a key activity supported by the EAGE Student
Fund. Throughout the competition, university teams work on a real
dataset for hydrocarbon field development – and all facets related to it. As
the challenge requires teamwork and a wide range of skills to excel, it is a
great way to prepare students for their careers.

The three finalists will have up to late July to wrap up their work, as the
final presentations are scheduled for 28 July. Only one team can be the
winner of the 2021 competition, so we wish all the teams the best of luck!

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