Student webinars expand disciplines covered

Student webinars expand disciplines covered

14 June 2021

Over the years, the scope student community we’re working with has
broadened. As the interests and needs of students and organizations alike
change, our offering evolves as well. Student webinars allow us to easily
connect students and lecturers online, opening up a wealth of knowledge to
students around the globe.

Access to knowledge and expertise is key to advance the mission of the
EAGE Student Fund. For that reason, we are keen to announce the
development of new webinar activities.

The introduction of two new courses in June 2021 focus on disciplines not
previously covered through our webinar offering, bringing two near
surface geoscience topics – mineral exploration and hydrogeophysics – as
new material to students.

Prof. Deyan Draganov (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) is
our lecturer for our webinar ‘Seismic Application for Mining using Passive
Sources’. Dr. Damien Jougnot (Sorbonne University, France) will be
facilitating the ‘Monitoring water distribution and dynamics in the critical
zone, geophysicists have the potential’ delivery.

The new deliveries are part of a larger effort to further diversify the
offering of webinars in relevant disciplines on key topics including mineral
exploration, geology and energy transition.

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