Student Chapters & Membership Support

Student Chapters & Membership Support

5 January, 2021

Happy new year!

The EAGE Student Fund will endeavour to make a wide range of activities to
students available in 2021 virtually and, where possible later in the year, in

Key to this is our Student membership support programme. Student
chapters can receive up to 15 membership grants for their members to
access EAGE materials and services. Students exploring EAGE membership
for the first time can also apply to a student membership grant.

Setting up a student chapter provides you with several benefits, amongst
them the membership grants. In addition to this, you can count on support
for the developments of your own activities and you can participate in
student chapter only events, such as the online geo quiz programme and
the option to request virtual online student lecture deliveries.

If you are renewing your student chapter or if you are interested in
establishing a chapter at your university, make sure to read up on the
guidelines and steps here.

Renew / establish your student chapter

Apply for a student membership grant (individuals)

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