Four reasons why the ESF supports geoscience students

Four reasons why the ESF supports geoscience students

24 January 2021

In 2021 the EAGE Student Fund will continue to work on bringing
geoscience students together to prepare them for the geo-scientific
challenges of tomorrow.

Still, early on in the new year, we collected four main reasons why the ESF
supports the international geoscience student community and what we do
to get there, plus one way how you can help.

Connecting students in disruptive times

Whether it is access energy, urbanization, prevention of natural hazards or
climate change, geoscientists play an important role in identifying and
tackling these challenges. Issues often do not merely affect individual cities,
regions or countries, but require an international scope to be tackled
effectively. Especially in times like these, meaningful community events are
key to facilitate cooperation to do so.

The ESF, therefore, facilitates programmes to stimulate international
interaction and knowledge sharing, helping students gain new skills to help
them in their future careers.

In 2020 we developed a couple of new initiatives to accommodate for the
new situation connecting online, such as our EAGE Student webinars and
the e-Summit series. These new initiatives bring together students from
various universities in a time this is not always possible.

Opportunities for all

To build strong international communities, one needs access to academic
resources. Many of today’s geological and geophysical challenges relate to
the global South, where students may have fewer academic resources

ESF supports activities to increase information. Through our Student
Membership grants, we want to open up geoscientific publications and
abstracts to students worldwide.

Skills to excel

In addition to academic excellence, the ESF strives to provide Earth Science
students with useful skills not directly gained in the classroom itself.

The ESF helps students to gain practical by support fieldwork, supports
student chapters with their own events and conferences and stimulates
cross-disciplinary cooperation through the Laurie Dake Challenge and

Promoting the next generation of
geoscientists and engineers

It is not always easy for students to connect with peers and the professional community – especially not when all networking is done from behind a computer. For that reason, we’re offering students a platform to present their research and stories by offering event grants to EAGE conferences.

How you can contribute

The ESF cannot fulfil its mission without the support of our funders. We
would therefore like to thank our company and individual funders for
their donations in 2020.

If you want to contribute, please consider making a one-time donation or
donate your knowledge and time as a volunteer. If you would like to learn
more about giving back to the geoscience student community in a different
way, please do get in touch.

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