Gustavo Sclocchi Award winners announced

Gustavo Sclocchi Award winners announced

3 August 2020

The Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a joint initiative between the EAGE Student
Fund, SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers – Italian Section) and
Assomineraria (Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association –
Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Resources Sector).

The award series was initiated in 1993 to celebrate academic excellence
from Italian universities and Italian nationals graduating abroad. It was
named after Gustavo Sclocchi in 2003 in honour of his dedicated work on
the awards series.

Since its inception, 641 theses have been submitted, 138 of these receiving
awards. This edition marked a number of new elements, such as the first
inclusion of a dedicated category focussing on renewable energy and
energy transition. In addition, the award ceremony was, for the first time
ever, held entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overview of awardees

Sclocchi awards – MsC and Phd

  • Margherita Bruscolini – Universita di Milano (MSc)
    BYF cements: an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary Portland cements
  • Luca Bianchin – Universita di Trieste (PhD)
    Low-frequency Reconstruction Methods for Elastic Parameter
  • Chiara Zuffetti – Universita di Milano (PhD)
    Characterization and Modelling of Complex Geological Architectures:
    The Quaternary fill of the Po Basin at the Po Plain-Apennines border
    (Lombary, Italy)

Sclocchi awards – BSc and 2nd level MSc

  • Giuseppe Battista Abbate – University of Vienna (2nd level MSc)
    Defining the path to implement predictive maintenance on an offshore
    drilling business
  • Ahmed M. Sadek Elgendy – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Carbon Capture & Storage: Modelling Prospective

Special mentions

  • Martina Balestra – Universita di Roma3 (PhD)
    Structural-Thermal Evolution of the Apenninic-Maghrebian Fold-and-
    thrust Belt in NW Sicily: Insights from 1D to 3D modelling
  • Magdalena Vera Chena – Politecnico di Torino (MSc)
    Risk Assessment of a Continuous Circulation System – Heart of Drilling
    (HOD) applied to drilling operations
  • Iwan Setiawan – Universita delgri Studi di Perugia (MSc)
    Seismic Characterization of a Late Miocene Calciclastic Deep-Water Fan
    in the Phu Khanh Basin, Offshore Vietnam
  • Carlo Cristiano Stabile – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Data Analytics Approaches for the Distribution of Enhanced Perm
    Features in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Marco Teodori – Politechnico di Milano (MSc)
    PIG Data Processing for Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Sclocchi Award Ceremony

During the award ceremony, three prizes for category A, two prizes for category B, and five special mentions were awarded. Congratulations to all winners!

Any further information on the event will be posted on a dedicated page by the EAGE-SEG Italian Section. We’ve also uploaded the award ceremony to EAGE’s Youtube channel for those who missed out on the live ceremony.

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