Join our fundraiser and become quiz champion!

Join our fundraiser and become quiz champion!

Thursday 20 August

Are you a geoscience know-it-all and interested in the mission of the EAGE
Student Fund? Considering the fact your are reading this actual blog post,
you likely are! If so, you should certainly join our fundraiser Geo Quiz on
Friday 28 August, 16:00 CEST.

What’s it all about

As a charity, the EAGE Student Fund support student excellence in
geoscience & engineering globally. Most of EAGE’s student activities are
made possible with the support of the fund. This includes our lecture tours,
e-Summits, student engagement at our conferences and chapter support.
Since the inception of our Fund in 2009 we’ve been able to help thousands
of students.

In order to continue our mission, we need your support. For that reason, we
are organizing a fundraiser online geo quiz. During the quiz, participants
will get a variety of questions about Earth Science and the EAGE Student
Fund in particular. Participation is free, but we would like you to consider
making a donation to the Fund and support our Mission.

How to get involved

If you think you’re up to the challenge, learn more and sign up today, or
donate directly online. Many thanks for your support and may the best
player win!

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