Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 Announced!

Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 Announced!

11 June 2020

The Laurie Dake Challenge is a long-running project for EAGE students. The project is a
fully integrated evaluation and development task that challenges students to simulate a `
real industry activity culminating in a final round during the EAGE Annual conference &
exhibition in December.. 

This year, the dataset proved not to be the only challenge for students to overcome! 
The challenge has required a different workflow on the second round submission
after the lockdown of universities because of  the global situation of the COVID-19.
Even though teams were unable to work in the traditional way, we received excellent
quality of work on the submission of all participants. We would like to congratulate
all teams which accomplish their commitment with the project and did not give up the project!
We are pleased to announce  the selection of the six best  teams out of the 13 selected in
the previous round. The six finalists were selected based on an interim review, where teams
were required to record a pitch for their development plans. The remaining candidates will
receive an invitation to present their findings to a jury panel from academia and
the oil and gas sector. 

The six teams moving on the next stage of the competition are:
University of Stavanger, Norway;
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia;
Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico

IFP School, France;
Curtin University, Australia;
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia;

This contest would not be possible without Shell supporting the Laurie Dake Challenge by
providing the challenging dataset, as well as the Students Affairs Committee who has worked
hard to prepare the 2020 Laurie Dake Challenge.

During the official Opening Ceremony on Monday 8 December at EAGE Annual Conference
& Exhibition in Amsterdam, the EAGE President will be announcing the official Laurie
Dake Challenge 2020 winning team.

We wish participants good luck and may the best team win!

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