Egyptian chapter reports back on IPGC’19

Egyptian chapter reports back on IPGC’19

16 Januari, 2020

Last month, the students of the Student Chapter at the Suez University in
Egypt organised the sixth edition of the International Petroleum &
Geoscience Conference. Although one of the last student activities in 2019, it
most certainly was not the smallest. With today’s post, we look back at the
Suez Chapter’s event and the difference the ESF was able to make.

The EAGE Student Chapter at Suez University has a strong track record. It
was established in 2014 and has been building on their engagement since.
Students from the chapter made the best of their involvement with the ESF-
backed initiatives, participating in the Laurie Dake Challenge in 2017 and
2019, in addition to winning the award for ‘Best Student Chapter’ in 2015.
The support for the IPGC conference series is therefore something that fits
well within the ESF portfolio.

A multi-disciplinary meeting

With the variety of projects going on in Egypt, the chapter wanted to bring a
broad range of speakers to the meeting – not merely focusing on applied
geoscience or academia, but a mix of both sectors. They managed to do so
by creating dedicated sessions spread over three days, including technical
sessions, panel discussions and workshops.

The multidisciplinary character of the meeting is well illustrated by the
opening discussion, bringing together Prof. Dr. Mustafa from the Egyptian
Petroleum Research Institute, Mr. Corais, CEO of Borais Petroleum and Prof.
Dr. Bakr together to discuss the future of energy in Egypt. The conference
also focused on the Student to Young Professional interation – a central
pillar our mission. Young engineer Amed Aref providing both a strong
technical session as well as answering questions from students.

In total the conference welcomed participation from 120 students from a
variety of backgrounds and disciplines. These bottom-up initiatives do not
only provide a lot of students with the opportunity to gain knowledge, but
prove to give important experiences to the organisers as well.

For this reason, student-led initiatives are one of the projects the EAGE
Student Fund provides support for as they are a great opportunity to
develop new skills and network. As mentioned by the organisers at Suez
University: ”In the end, efforts like these are only made to deliver all
possible value to students and young professions, as they are the future of
the industrial world and the next brick in the EAGE Student Fund.”

We want to congratulate the student chapter on the successful conclusion of
the event!

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