Student Chapter RWTH Aachen visits the ESF team

Student Chapter RWTH Aachen visits the ESF team

21 November, 2019

Earlier this week one of the most recently founded student chapters visited
the EAGE office to learn more about the EAGE and EAGE Student Fund. This
Wednesday, Alexander J├╝stel and Luis Alberto Pizano stopped by for a
couple of hours to discuss their upcoming events and get advice on the
further development of the chapter and projects.

The RWTH EAGE Student Chapter was created a couple of months ago,
following the university’s participation in the IGSC’8 conference in Uppsala,
Sweden. Situated close to the Dutch border, the university has a wide
spectrum of earth science courses. This multi-disciplinary approach is also
stimulated by the ESF as activities like the Geo-Quiz and Laurie Dake
challenge stimulate cooperation between disciplines.

The visit allowed the students to learn more about the work of the EAGE
Student Fund, the activities supported and to see how future initiatives
could be developed. With the student chapter working on the next
International Geoscience Student Conference – scheduled for summer 2020 –
the team was keen to know how the ESF supports student-led activities
such as this conference.

Student Chapter RWTH Aachen representatives and student community manager Rosmery at the EAGE office.

Student Chapter initiatives

Student chapter development is key in the work of the EAGE Student
Fund. As skills are not developed in a single day, the ESF looks for longer
term involvement with students.

Student Chapters are a great way to do so. They help to build longer lasting initiatives, create structure for cooperation and help students make the best of their involvement with the activities we support. We are therefore always keen to hear about your chapter’s activities and projects. Not active with a chapter at your university yet? You can get started today!

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