Abstract submissions EAGE 2020

Abstract submissions EAGE 2020

The EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition 2020 is taking place in
Amsterdam 8 – 11 June. That feels like an era from now, but it is already
possible for students to submit their research to be considered for the
Technical Programme.

The Technical Programme –
a platform for student excellence

So, why already start today? The answer is simple: inclusion into the EAGE
Technical Programme is one of the prime opportunities for students to be
part of a high profile and diverse community. You will not only be able to
present and therefore hone your skills, but you will also have a chance to
get feedback from the audience present on your research. Instead of one
reviewer of your work, you will have dozens!

In order to do so, you will be asked to condense all research into 4 pages –
the length of an EAGE Extended Abstract. The combination of boiling your
research down, writing it up in a coherent way and turning it into an
engaging presentation are skills you will be able to build on for the rest of
your career.

ESF support for excelling presenters

The EAGE Student Fund will provide support for a limited number of
excelling students with strong papers. These funds will be used to offset
registration and contribute towards the travel expenses to get to the

Only limited funds will be available, so we encourage you to get started on
your abstracts and research!

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