Laurie Dake Challenge ’20 – What to expect

Laurie Dake Challenge ’20 – What to expect

10 October 2019

This year, the Laurie Dake Challenge will be back for another round of
strong multidisciplinary competition between university students from
across the globe. With the application window for teams opening soon, we
already want to give a glimpse of what there is to expect in the months to

Looking back at the Laurie Dake Challenge 2019

Looking at the previous challenge round the LDC 2020 is set up to attract a
diverse and international group of engaged students. In 2019, 47 teams
showed interest in participating in the challenge. After two rounds, the final
round was organised at the 80th Annual EAGE Conference & Exhibition in
London. Here, six teams had to present their results in front of the jury.

After a day of presentations of the final results, the IFP School came out on
top, winning the Laurie Dake Challenge 2019 and joining our growing lists
of winning teams in the EAGE LDC Students Hall of Fame.

What’s scheduled for 2020?

This year, Shell will be providing the dataset and challenge for students.
Details on the exact challenge will be revealed later in the process. We can
already tell you the dataset and questions arising from it will demand a
multidisciplinary and knowledgable team to make it to the two selection
selection rounds. In the final round at the 81st EAGE Annual Conference &
Exhibition in Amsterdam, the finalists will be asked to present their
solutions to the challenge in front of a diverse and critical jury.

Although the final presentations will take place in June, students have to get
started soon. In order to have a shot at making it to the final, students will
have to start compiling their teams in the upcoming weeks as the
registration window for the Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 will be open in
October up to late December.

After registrations, students will be presented with the challenge and asked
to complete two rounds of assignments, each round only move on the top
performing candidates. It therefore requires careful planning from the
students throughout Spring, something to keep in mind!

Laurie Dake Challenge Winners in 2018

If you are a student interested in participating make sure to look out for
announcements in the months to come. If you are interested in attending
the final round of the Laurie Dake Challenge in Amsterdam, any delegates
attending the conference are welcome to see the students present their

The EAGE Student Fund is proud to be bringing the challenge to Amsterdam
this year. We want to thank Shell for their support of this year’s dataset and
we wish all student participating good luck!

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