What does the geoscience toolbox in 2030 look like?

What does the geoscience toolbox in 2030 look like?

12 September 2019

Driven by by both economics and innovation, the toolbox of earth scientists
and engineers is ever changing. Although the core business and aims may
remain the same, global economy, computational power and technologies
differ quite drastically changed how geoscientists and engineers operate

As we see every week at the EAGE Student Fund, innovation never sleeps.
With the many challenges in exploration, near surface geoscience and
climate resiliency (to name but a few), students and companies alike are
looking to stay on top of the game. The ESF is there to help you out.

Let us know where you see geoscience going!

Through our students projects such as student lecture tours, conference
participation and international challenges we want to encourage students
to both gain and hone the skills needed to be successful in their career. In
order to keep our programme up to date, we would like to hear from you!

If you are a student, please participate in our annual survey on student
activities and career development. We are looking forward hearing your
thoughts on the future of geoscience.

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