5 Ways to Engage With the ESF in London

5 Ways to Engage With the ESF in London

23 May 2019

Only ten days to go until the start of the EAGE Annual Conference &
Exhibition. The event is home to a wide range of activities, presentations
and events for the participants of the conference. For the ESF, the
conference is one of the prime opportunities to bring the global student
community together and to promote academic excellence amongst them.

Interested to get learn more about the ESF in London? Here is five ways to
get engaged with the fund.

Meet the EAGE Student Fund representatives!

Members of our Student Fund Board and the EAGE Student Affairs
Committee will be present to answer questions after the EAGE Annual
General Meeting for Members. If you are an EGE member keen to learn
more about contributing to the ESF activities, this is the moment to find us!

Laurie Dake Challenge – finals

On Sunday the final round of the Laurie Dake Challenge will take place.
Students from our six final teams will present their motivations behind the
proposed solution to the jury. The final winning team will be announced
during the Opening Ceremony of the EAGE Conference & Exhibition on
Monday afternoon.

EAGE Global Geo-Quiz

The Geo-Quiz is a crowd puller. The idea is simple: get a group of a
maximum of three and answer as many correctly as quickly as possible.
The global student Geo-Quiz has not only conference attendees present but
also winners of earlier regional Geo-Quizes, all striving to become the most
knowledgeable student team of the year.

Motivational speeches

This year, the ESF is happy to announce to engaging motivational speakers
from the United Kingdom. On Tuesday, we welcome Dr. Suzie Imber,
planetary scienstist and winner of the BBC programme
Astronauts: do you have what it takes? from the University of Leicester.

On Wednesday, Prof. Dr. Iain Stewart (University of Plymouth, documentary
presenter and member of the UNESCO International Geoscience
Programme) will join us. Both speakers will deliver an engaging talk on
how students can make the best out of their time at university and become
experts in their discipline.

Student Chapter meeting

During the Student Chapter meeting, the ESF facilitates networking and
learning opportunities between the Student Chapter representatives
present at the Annual where they can share best practices, ideas on
activities and expand their network to like-minded students. The get-
together will take place on Thursday morning and will bring together
students from 20 universities from across the globe.

Learn more during the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition

Are you attending the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition and keen to
learn more about contributing to the fund? Please stop by at the EAGE
community hub for more information. We are keen to be hearing from you!

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