Three ways to support the ESF today

Three ways to support the ESF today

4 April 2019

The activities of the EAGE Student Fund for 2019 are already well under
way: two different student lecture tours, 60+ student chapters worldwide
and an engaging Student Programme at the EAGE Annual Conference &
Exhibition are already in place to set the stage for our student community.

These activities are just a selection of our activities to equip students
worldwide with the latest information and network to become leaders in
their discipline. If you would also like to contibute to the mission of the ESF,
here’s three way to do just that:

Become a company supporter

To ensure a strong organisation, one requires a knowledgeable and
connected workforce. This is exactly what the EAGE Student Fund sets out
to do. By providing students with the opportunity to gain new knowledge,
skills and by introducing them into the global geoscience community, it
helps them to hit the ground running when taking the next step in their

For this reason, the EAGE Student Fund encourages companies to become
involved. If your organisation builds on young geoscience talent and
endorses the mission of the ESF, please consider becoming a company

Legacy giving

Become a trustee of the ESF by creating your own personal fund to support
the future of geoscience. Legacy giving such as the establishment of the
Putcuyps-Mustafina Fund are a great help to ensuring continuity for our

If you have a passion for education and enabling the next generation of
geoscientists, please consider including legacy giving to the fund. In order
to learn more about the opportunities, please contact us directly and we
would be happy to provide you with more information.

Make a donation

Even a single donation already helps to support the EAGE Student Fund in
our activities. With student membership grants coming in at EUR 25,– and
ESF support for student developed initiatives starting with small amount,
your gift can help to provide new opportunities to individual as well as
groups of students.

Did you know the ESF is a registered Dutch charity (ANBI)? As such, your
donation may be tax deductible under Dutch law.

Make a donation today, or contact us about giving to the ESF.

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