EAGE’s Student Chapter at Heriot-Watt University

EAGE’s Student Chapter at Heriot-Watt University

11 April 2019

Support for the creation and development of Student Chapters is one of the pillars of ESF
engagement with Earth Science students. Many of our student chapters have a well-established
track record working with the Fund, giving students at a platform to acquire skills and
new knowledge.

The students at Heriot-Watt University illustrate the opportunities offered through chapter involvement.
For this reason, we are happy to share the following report from the president of the
Chapter, Qi Zhang.

A 9 years old EAGE Student Chapter, based in the Institute of Petroleum Engineer of the
Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh – United Kingdom. Our chapter is composed by
an international and multicultural postgraduate student community involved in
petroleum industry orientated programmes.

Through the support of the EAGE Student Fund we have been able to develop a number of
activities recently. In 2018 the Heriot-Watt EAGE student chapter organized an interesting
social event to visit to Edinburgh Observatory. Academically we hosted a course by
Ian Jones, as a part of the EAGE Education Tour. The local EAGE student members are
involved in various research projects varying from geology to reservoir engineering,
which include Edinburgh Time Lapse Project, Carbonate Reservoir Research and others.

Being a post-graduate student chapter, we are always active presenting in EAGE conferences.
Every year a few students from our student chapter attend the annual EAGE conference
and a few other EAGE conferences as well. This is a key process in the life of our post-graduate
students and the chapter works to incentivize students to participate in such events
and help them get there. This year we have five abstracts accepted for the London conference,
studying areas such as reservoir modelling, 4D seismic analysis and seismic history matching.

EAGE’s student chapter at Heriot- Watt University

The vision of the chapter is to become the primary source for students geoscience career
planning and a premier network of oil industry among student chapters. The mission of the
chapter is to develop knowledge and skills through educational activities and discussions,
build a better connection with EAGE community.

Heriot-Watt was founded in 1821, making it among the oldest higher education institutions in
the UK. In 1966, the then Heriot-Watt College, was granted university status by Royal Charter,
becoming Heriot-Watt University.  It is a university with a highly unusual international profile
and with a particular (but not exclusive) concentration on areas of science, engineering, technology
and business. Having world-class research and teaching, it produces highly employable and
innovative graduates with a strong professional orientation.

We are currentely constructing a webpage to post all our news and events:

For more information, contact our president Qi Zhang ( qz8@hw.ac.uk ).

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