ESF @ 10 – Meet the participants

ESF @ 10 – Meet the participants

25 April, 2019

The EAGE Student Fund celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. During
this decade, many people have been involved with the activities of the fund
– either as volunteer, donor or student.

In order to see the impact of their involvement, a series of interviews is
being be released over the year. For April, we asked for input from former
students to see how their involvement with the ESF has helped them in the
course of their career.

Vladimir Shipilin is a young professional who is currently working at the
Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics. Originally from Uzbekistan,
Vladimir has been involved in many of the ESF supported activities,
including student workshops, Geo Quiz and annual conferences.

‘I used the knowledge obtained in a Paris 2017 student workshop during the
interview for my present position in Hannover. I can therefore say the ESF
has actively contributed towards my current employment!

Vladimir’s experience is a great example of how involvement in ESF
activities helps to develop the skills and network of next generation’s
geoscience experts. You can read the full interview with Vladimir on the
EAGE website.

ESF @ 10 interviews

Vladimir’s interview is part of a larger series. To see the latest and to learn
who has been involved, have a look at the dedicated ESF@10 page.

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