The EAGE Student Lecture confirmed in Latin America

The EAGE Student Lecture confirmed in Latin America

22 March 2019

EAGE has been reaching out to the student community with the EAGE Student Lecture Tour (SLT)
since 2007, which provides half-day lectures on interesting geoscience or engineering-related topics 
top; students from different disciplines and levels can take a sit in the lecture. This initiative is
 fully sopported by EAGE Student Fund, and provide the collaboration with universities and EAGE 
student chapters worldwide.

Currently, Edward Wiarda is embarking on a Student Lecture Tour on Advanced Seismic Data
Processing & Imaging.  He will offer a  few details of New-generation workflows, technologies,
concepts and strategies to reveal potential in  challenging Sub-Andean basins.

The upcoming stops of the tour in Latin- America are going to
University of Andes , Colombia on 22 May;
University Surcolombiana, Colombia on 24 May;
National University of Mexico , Mexico on 27 May; and,
Fluminense University , Brazil on 29 May.

All students are invited to participate in any of the stops available and have
the chance to receive a special lecture dedicated to
the student community in Latin America. For more information, visit
the EAGE Student lecture Tour overview.

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